PNY Technologies, Inc. today announced a plethora of new USB Flash Drive storage options for the Back-to-School season. Featuring the latest technologies and design options in plastic, rubber, or metal styles, PNY's new line of USB Flash Drives has something for every student and teacher. From elementary through college and business use, PNY's newest flash drives offer a variety of fresh new colors, shapes, and styles to suit your personal taste.


The PNY 32GB USB 3.0 offers faster transfer rates than ever before. This durable metallic drive is ideal for quickly and easily transferring and storing files like movies, videos and pictures -- at speeds of up to 80MB/s.

The 128GB Attaché is PNY's largest capacity USB Flash Drive ever offered -- a great storage option for large files like movies and videos. Featuring a sliding collar, the capless design is metal coated in a two-tone silver and black color, for a premium look and feel.

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Kanguru today announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Imation in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts seeking restitution as well as to prevent Imation’s continued use of the “Defender” trademark.

Kanguru, a division of Interactive Media Corporation, has been shipping secure USB devices with the trademarked Defender name as part of the Kanguru Defender product portfolio since January 2008. The allegedly infringing Imation Defender line has been shipping since mid-2010. In addition, Imation acquired two of Kanguru’s competitors (MXI Security and Ironkey) in 2011 and integrated the sales and product portfolios of these two companies into the Imation Defender suite.

“Kanguru formally noticed Imation of the Defender trademark violation in 2010. That notice has been ignored for nearly two years,” said Don Brown, president and CEO of Kanguru. “Considering the fact that the Imation and Kanguru product sets with the Defender names are directly competitive in a global market with many overlapping distribution channels, this is an extremely damaging situation for Kanguru which must be addressed to clarify confusion in the marketplace.”

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Toshiba Corporation today announced an adjustment to production of NAND flash memory at its Yokkaichi Operation plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan, that will cut Toshiba's production by approximately 30%, effective from today.

Oversupply of NAND flash memory in the retail market, for application in USB memories and memory cards, has resulted in continual price declines since the beginning of this year. Toshiba has responded by adjusting shipments to the retail market since June and from today will reduce the operating rate at the plant in order to adjust output. This move will help to reduce inventory in the market and improve the overall balance between supply and demand.

High growth rates are forecast for PCs and Smartphones, the drivers of global market demand of NAND flash memory, and the supply and demand balance is expected to improve in the current quarter, from July to September. Along with this, Toshiba will implement a timely production adjustment to encourage early restoration of the balance in supply and demand and improve the overall market conditions ahead of the anticipated rise in demand. Toshiba will continue to closely monitor the NAND market and re-examine production at Yokkaichi as necessary.

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Biwin, an industry leader in flash storage products, today announced a new slim-profile 7mm casing option for their entire range of 2.5-inch client and enterprise class SATA III SSDs. The new slim-profile SSDs are 26% slimmer than most standard SATA SSDs which measure 9.5mm thick, allowing for much higher density SSD deployments. 


This 7mm enclosure is available immediately on the company’s Elite, Pro and Smart Series 2.5-inch SATA II and SATA III SSDs, as well as the company’s new NuvoDrive NX and NuvoDrive PX 2.5-inch SATA III SSDs in capacities up to 480GB. The new casing, like Biwin’s existing 9.5mm case, is constructed of black anodized aluminum to provide rugged protection of components in a featherweight design.

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Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS), provider of The World's Fastest Storage, today announced that TMS RamSan PCIe storage systems, including RamSan-70 products, are now bootable storage devices. This functionality is provided through a new firmware feature that allows most common servers to load operating systems directly from RamSan PCIe Flash storage systems, without requiring the presence of legacy hard drives or RAID controllers.


Launched in 2011, TMS RamSan-70 products have already been adopted by a broad variety of customers in healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and many other industries. Industry-leading bootability further minimizes complexity in such business-critical systems. Newly bootable RamSan-70 products are available with up to 900 GB of SLC Flash storage capacity and capable of 1.5 million I/Os per second (IOPS), 2.5 GB/s of bandwidth, and 30-60 microsecond latency. Bootability is available with the purchase of all new RamSan-70 PCIe storage systems, or as a firmware update with no hardware replacement necessary for existing RamSan-70 PCIe storage customers.

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