Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS), provider of The World's Fastest Storage, today announced that TMS RamSan PCIe storage systems, including RamSan-70 products, are now bootable storage devices. This functionality is provided through a new firmware feature that allows most common servers to load operating systems directly from RamSan PCIe Flash storage systems, without requiring the presence of legacy hard drives or RAID controllers.


Launched in 2011, TMS RamSan-70 products have already been adopted by a broad variety of customers in healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and many other industries. Industry-leading bootability further minimizes complexity in such business-critical systems. Newly bootable RamSan-70 products are available with up to 900 GB of SLC Flash storage capacity and capable of 1.5 million I/Os per second (IOPS), 2.5 GB/s of bandwidth, and 30-60 microsecond latency. Bootability is available with the purchase of all new RamSan-70 PCIe storage systems, or as a firmware update with no hardware replacement necessary for existing RamSan-70 PCIe storage customers.

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Add SSD performance to an existing hard drive at an economical price with the new Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD. This simple upgrade combines the capacity of an existing hard drive with the speed of a Solid State Drive. The addition of a Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD will accelerate boot times, application launches, and general system performance.


Dataplex Cache software makes the innovative combination of a hard drive and an SSD possible. Frequently accessed data and applications are cached to the SSD automatically. Less frequently used data stays on the hard drive. Further boosting performance – Mushkin’s caching policy includes both reads and writes. Supercharged performance is the result.

The Mushkin Catalyst Cache SSD is available in 50GB and 100GB capacities and works with any SATA interface. A SATA 6Gb/s system can yield up to 550MB/s read/515MB/s write – blazing speed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional SSD.

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Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash storage and enthusiast computer products today announces the launch of the Supersonic Rage XT USB 3.0 drive. Built with an ultra-portable form factor and the enhanced speed of USB 3.0, the Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact design that doesn’t compromise performance. The Supersonic Rage XT comes with a custom slide to connect design that provides best in class protection from wear and tear.


Available in 32GB and 64GB capacities and plug and play compatibility, the Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT offers excellent storage solutions that are extremely easy to use across multiple platforms. Backed by Patriot Memory’s award winning customer service, the Supersonic RAGE XT will come with a 5-year warranty.

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Today TDK Corporation announced the development of a new series of SD/SDHC cards and microSD cards for industrial applications.


The new MMGBA Series of SD/SDHC cards and MUGBA Series of MicroSD cards offer high durability, advanced error correction and a lifetime monitoring function, making them well suited to industrial applications in which reliability and long service life are important features.

SD and microSD are memory card standards established by the SD Association, and SD and microSD card are increasingly finding uses in industrial equipment, in addition to digital consumer equipment. Products designed for such uses must meet demanding requirements not only with regard to data reliability but also in terms of durability, data security, and reliability monitoring.

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If you’ve been looking for a super-fast USB portable flash drive to transfer files in a hurry, then look no further than the all new Kanguru SS3! Kanguru Solutions has released its most convenient and affordable flash drive yet, with generous capacities of up to 64GB, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and other first-class features at an attractive price. This handy USB 3.0 portable device sports some of the fastest transfer rates on the market. What’s equally advantageous is the physical write-protect switch, allowing you the added convenience of locking and unlocking your drive to protect valuable data from accidentally being overwritten.


With USB 3.0 technology, the Kanguru SS3 provides lightning-fast transfer rates, while maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0, so you can use it on virtually any computer. Its durable, aluminum design, makes it the perfect solution for those in a hurry who want the convenience of carrying data files quickly from place to place.

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