verbatim_100gb_bdxl.jpgVerbatim is launching a Blu-ray Disc to run on BDXL-compatible readers and writers with a super-sized 100GB of storage capacity – four times higher than storage on a standard recordable Blu-ray Disc.

Certified by the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association), the high capacity recordable Blu-ray Discs from Verbatim enable users to backup high resolution photography, music or HD video files at 4x write speed. With 100GB storage, the BDXL discs can approximately store over 40,000 photos, 20,000 songs or 8 hours of HD video.

Blu-ray Discs offer significantly more storage capacity compared to DVD and CD media resulting in far fewer discs being required to save large volumes of data. Standard Blu-ray Discs provide storage capacities of 25GB for a single-layer disc and 50GB for a dual-layer disc, but Verbatim’s BDXL disc includes a third layer to give it a storage capacity of 100GB. The discs come with a specialised hard coat surface to protect them against scratches.

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Pioneer Japan sent out a press release this morning, announcing two new professional-grade Blu-ray Disc writers. Designed for businesses, libraries and museums looking to archive important data to Blu-ray Disc, the BDR-PR1M and BDR-PR1MA follow the new guidelines set by the new Optical Archive Group (OPARG ) formed by Pioneer, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and Victor Advanced Media. To reduce variations in recording quality, the two drives write to BD-R, 50GB BD-R DL and 100GB BD-R XL discs at 4x using CLV (Constant Linear Velocity). They also feature an extra-durable tray mechanism and are 3x more dust resistant than Pioneer's BDR-207 series. The main difference between the two is that the BDR-PR1M can be used to check the recording quality of a disc. With the included software, it is able to measure the RSER (Random Symbol Error Rate) as well as the number of Burst Errors.


The BDR-PR1M and BDR-PR1MA are scheduled to ship in early November and, while prices have not been announced, they are expect to cost about 220,000 Yen ($2,829 US) and 110,000 Yen ($1,414 US), respectively.

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Sony today announced that its next-generation Optical Disc Archive storage system will start shipping across Asia Pacific in October 2012. Unveiled at IBC 2012, this system provides guaranteed intergenerational compatibility and ultra-reliable long-term storage, and is at the heart of Sony’s vision to create a complete archiving solution for broadcasters, motion picture companies and production houses.


Sony also announced that it is developing a new robotic library, the ODS-L10, which can contain up to two drives and a maximum of ten media cartridges. Planned to be available in the beginning of 2013, the ODS-L10 will form part of a full line-up of solutions that include an even larger and expandable robotic library, currently in development. In addition, Sony today unveiled a new logo mark for the Optical Disc Archive system. Any compatible hardware product as well as storage media which meet the specification will now carry the new Optical Disc Archive logo.

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millenniata logo.pngMillenniata today announced Dell, Inc. will begin offering a permanent storage solution to its European customers with the integration of M-DISC compatible LG Electronics DVD and Blu-ray optical drives in Dell laptop and desktop computers.

Dell EMEA will begin offering the M-DISC Ready drives in their award-winning Business Class Precision Workstation, OptiPlex Desktops and Latitude Notebooks throughout Europe beginning this month.

“For the first time, Dell business users will benefit from a permanent storage solution that will last virtually forever,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata president. “So much of our lives today are created in a digital format, so it’s vitally important that we preserve and continue to share our information. We are very pleased that Dell’s European customers will now have access to our M-DISC technology.”

M-DISC Ready drives laser etch data onto the M-DISC’s inorganic rock-like material to prevent data loss, ensuring your files are safe and can be stored for up to 1,000 years. Unlike all other recordable DVDs that use organic dyes to hold data, M-DISCs won’t fade or degrade over time.

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Lite-On, a global leader in optical storage solutions, announces the release of the world’s thinnest DVD writer, the eUAU108. The ultra-thin 13.2 mm, ultra-light 250g drive has been designed for both portability and simple elegance. Supporting 8.5GB double-layer recordable DVDs, and including a built-in USB cable, this portable drive is ideal for backing up video, for software installation, or for watching DVDs.


The drive is powered directly from a single USB port and has a short integrated USB cable that sits in a built-in cable holder. This convenient system makes drive completely self-contained, eliminating the need to carry an additional power adapter or cabling.

One of the focuses during development was to make an attractive product that users would enjoy carrying. This resulted in a chic design with elegant lines and a simple gloss finish. As a result, the eUAU108 is equally at home in a study, in a college dorm, or on the desk of a graphic designer.

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optiarc logo.jpgIn an attempt to become profitable, Sony has begun to cut jobs and sell off some of its less than lucrative ventures. The company recently sold off its chemical business and scaled back its mobile phone workforce by 15%. Sony has now announced that it will be pulling out of the optical drive market. Citing fierce competition and decreasing prices as reasons for this decision, Sony plans to shut down its subsidiary, Sony Optiarc, at the end of March.

Most of the employees at Sony Optiarc will be let go through an early retirement program. Sony also plans to reassign some of the remaining employees to other divisions within the company.

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Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited today announced the development of the PC industry's first recycling system that collects used CDs and DVDs at Fujitsu Group recycling centers and reuses the plastic in the bodies of notebook PCs. Fujitsu began using this recycled plastic for part of the front panel of its LIFEBOOK P772/E notebook PC for enterprise customers, a model in its summer 2012 lineup.

To avoid the risk of contaminants being mixed into the recycled plastic, the new recycling system performs quality control based on a chemical substances risk management database developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, thereby ensuring that notebook PCs and other ICT devices comply with legal requirements for chemical components. Compared to conventional notebook PC manufacturing processes, this system is expected to reduce the amount of newly produced plastic used by 10 tons per year while cutting CO2 emissions by approximately 15%.

Going forward, Fujitsu plans to expand the use of this system to other notebook PCs and products as a way to reduce its environmental footprint and resource consumption. The Fujitsu Group is proud to promote the recycling of end-of-life ICT products in Japan and around the world to help create a recycling-minded society.

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The ASUS SDRW-08D3S-U external 8X DVD writer adds instant optical media to various devices via USB 2.0 and the exclusive AV Function, including smart TVs and tablets. It maintains full compatibility with Windows and Mac OS, and keeps data safe through multiple security methods plus 256-bit encryption. Its Zen-like design sets it apart from generic drives as it delivers ASUS AVWHERE optical media convenience, just as the slender 20mm profile and 365g weight factor allow it to integrate easily into any home entertainment center as well as complement portable devices that require easy mobility.


Connecting instantly to different devices via USB 2.0, the SDRW-08D3S-U offers one-press AV Function switching that automatically syncs it with PCs, smart TVs and tablets, turning it into their external optical media drive for setup-free multimedia playback. Customers can therefore easily enjoy content in living rooms as well as anywhere in homes via portable devices. It is therefore highly useful in situations where devices do not have a built-in optical drive. For better flexibility and to accommodate more customers, the SDRW-08D3S-U ships with support for multiple versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS. The feature set remains full and consistent across all compatible operating systems.

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Digital Flex Media Inc., a leading manufacturer of CD replication, DVD replication, Flex-DVD replication, Anti-Piracy Disc Protection and other CD DVD duplication services, has launched an innovative line of Rub’n Smell Discs to help businesses, marketers and advertisers cost-effectively connect with and influence target markets in an extraordinarily powerful way.

Digital Flex Media Inc.’s Rub’n Smell Discs integrate a desired scent into the inks that cover the company’s CDs, DVDs, and Flex VCD DVDs. The scented varnish is transparent, activates when rubbed, dissipates in a few seconds, and can be re-activated any time for years to come. Smell intensity can also be modified by enlarging or reducing the physical size of the scented area.

Available scents include fresh fruit, flowers, various perfumes, coffee, pizza, chocolate, apple pie, and many others. Digital Flex Media can source new scents that are ideal for a particular product or campaign, or clients can supply their own fragrance oils (provided that they meet quality, composition and safety standards).

“All flavors come from smell, and smells alter and influence how we behave, the state of our mood, and even the kinds of thoughts we have,” commented Mohab Sabry, CEO of Digital Flex Media Inc. “Plus, smells typically have a certain feeling associated with them, and they’re more connected to our emotions and memories than any other sense. Given all of this, it makes total strategic sense why businesses, marketers and advertisers would want to engage target markets on the olfactory -- or sense of smell – level as much, or even more, than other traditional levels, such as visual, tactile and auditory.”

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One-Red LLC (“One-Red”) will become the authorized entity to administer a new joint DVD Disc and DVD Player license program on behalf of its licensors, which include Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (“Philips”), Sony Corporation (“Sony”), Pioneer Corporation (“Pioneer”) and LG Electronics, Inc. (“LG”).  

Today’s announcement means that optical storage manufacturers and brand owners will now be able to benefit from lower patent royalty rates by licensing through One-Red.

As the new licensing authority owned by Philips, Sony and Pioneer, One-Red delivers the following benefits to its stakeholders:

Essential Patent Licensing:  Beginning July 1, 2012, One-Red will offer a new DVD license for all essential patents of LG, Philips, Pioneer and Sony that are related to DVD Video and ROM and CD-Audio and ROM technologies. 

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