roxio_creator_nxt2.pngRoxio today introduces Roxio Creator NXT 2, the latest version of the industry's #1 selling digital media suite. With accelerated performance, enhanced support for the latest devices and new audio and music options, the new Creator NXT 2 makes it easy to create amazing multimedia projects. Roxio Creator NXT 2 is now available at

Make movies faster, easily enhance photos and projects, and share your digital media to more devices with Roxio Creator NXT 2:

  • Faster Performance: Enjoy a more responsive movie-making experience with video rendering that's up to 10x faster with AVC/ H.264 Smart Encoding.
  • Extended Device Support: Share virtually anywhere with new support for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iPad, iPhone and the latest Android phones and tablets.
  • Enhanced Music Options: New music libraries give more creative options for photo and video projects.
  • Improved Audio Conversion: Save time when converting your music library to a variety of formats.

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nero_2014_platinum.pngNero 2014 is here. It brings some order into a world of multiple mobile devices, laptops, PCs, home networks and the cloud. Nero 2014 - the newest version of the market-leading media companion - is the ultimate in HD multimedia software, allowing users to manage, create, convert, play, and burn all their movies, music and photos across all their devices delivering the best entertainment experience at home or on the go.

In recent years we have witnessed an explosive growth in the use of tablets and smartphones, as well as streaming video and cloud-based services used for storage and sharing. Nonetheless, the PC is still the media backbone for home users, especially for creating, editing and managing their media. While Ultra HD starts to kick off, many users still prefer physical media such as Blu-ray and DVD. All the different devices, media sources and formats can make it hard for users to enjoy their media on the device of their choice.

“Photo, video and music content is at the heart of everybody’s day to day life,” says Jürgen Kurz, CEO at Nero. “We have listened carefully to what users want. The result is Nero 2014 – a great media companion and worry-free multimedia solution that really brings together all media on any device – quickly and effectively.”

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nero 2014.jpgNero today announced that a free upgrade to Nero 2014, the newest version of its market-leading media software, is available to Nero 12 users on September 9, 2013. Packed full of new features and enhancements, Nero 2014 makes it even easier for users to manage all their photos, videos, music and other media across all their home and mobile devices. Plus those currently running Nero 12 can now upgrade to Nero 2014 free of charge.

Ideal for novices and advanced users

The latest media suite gives users a new, one-click conversion facility making it simple enough for novices while still providing a wealth of sophisticated options for advanced users, helping them to capture, convert, enhance and stream all types of media.

Patented technology under the hood

“Like the new generation of cars with dashboard options that are easy to use at a glance, Nero 2014 has cutting edge technology under the hood,” said Jürgen Kurz, CEO at Nero. “Its intuitive new features are based on our unique, patented transcoding and streaming technology that underpins the whole conversion process. People don’t just want to shoot or watch a video – they’re impatient to share it with friends, publish it on their blogs, and maybe enhance it with some special effects. Nero 2014 makes that possible – quickly and easily. We’re expecting strong demand for this new version of our media suite, and that’s why we’re encouraging new customers to buy Nero 12 today and be first in line for a free upgrade to Nero 2014 as soon as it comes out.”

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vso_video_converter.pngVSO Software releases today VSO Video Converter, an all-in-one tool to convert videos from and into almost any format.

The software accepts all video types on the market and converts them to the most propular formats, so they can be played on any device. Indeed the software converts to a large selection of outputs: DVD (PAL and NTSC standards, with DVD menu), Avi, MKV, tablets (Ipad, Samsung Tab, etc), smartphones (Iphones, etc), PS3, Xbox and Playstation with various codecs available (H264, DivX, Mpeg2, Mpeg 4, AAC, AC3, DTS…), audio profiles and WebM. Virtually any videos are accepted as input, including decrypted Blu-ray and DVDs, with support of the right angle and automatic main movie detection.

“We had a few programs to convert videos into different formats, but a “universal” converter was missing from our catalog, and asked for by our users”, explains Cedric Van-Dendaele, developer at VSO Software. “Now with VSO Video Converter, only one tool fulfills all video conversion needs. All options are at hand to make custom video projects in any output format” With VSO Video Converter, conversions can be done in 1 easy click, while also providing a wide range of options for more advanced users. A clear timeline display allows for complete control over video customization.

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cyberlink_power2go_9_box.pngCyberLink Corp. today launched a new version of its industry-leading burning software, Power2Go.  Delivering the category with innovative burning features, Power2Go 9 is the first and only burning software that enables backing up photos and video from popular social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo.  Power2Go 9 also introduces a Disc Management feature that catalogs the discs and files users have burned into a searchable database, making it easy to find the files that are being archived.

“At CyberLink, innovation never stops,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Burning software has been around for years, but the new features in Power2Go address a variety of needs for consumers, such as safety and security needs to back up their precious photos and videos on social networks and adding a Disc Manager to conveniently locate their media content in their large collection of discs.”

Additionally, Power2Go 9 adds support for the new and popular media file types, such as FLAC and APE audio formats and MKV and FLV video formats.

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CyberLink Corp. today launched CyberLink Media Suite 11, the all-in-one multimedia suite for media playback, digital content creation and disc burning. As a market leader of multimedia solutions, CyberLink integrates its best-in-class software - PowerDVD, PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, Power2Go, MediaShow and PowerProducer - into an all-in-one suite to offer a complete media platform that is more robust and functional than competing solutions. Media Suite 11 covers media playback, media management, video editing, photo editing and disc burning, and with CyberLink’s award-winning PowerStarter interface, users can easily access and perform all of their digital tasks through a unified interface.

The latest version of Media Suite further extends the rich multimedia portfolio by adding PhotoDirector – the professional photography software, and three new mobile apps designed for Windows® 8. The solution now provides the comprehensive media experience for the digital home—supporting both PC and mobile devices. In addition, Media Suite 11 further expands the support to mobile devices, including 3 touch-friendly mobile apps for media entertainment and creativity in the Windows® 8 modern UI interface.

“CyberLink Media Suite 11 includes the latest versions of our innovative software and is designed to serve all of the diverse needs of today’s digital home. In essence, Media Suite 11 provides a one-stop solution for every member in the family.” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "Media Suite 11 also grants compatibility with Window® 8, and further extends the support from traditional desktop software to touch-friendly Windows® 8 Modern UI apps, merging media entertainment and creation from PC to mobile.”

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CyberLink Corp., a provider of innovative media creativity solutions, today announced the development of a next-generation codec supporting the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard. The HEVC (also known as H.265) standard—the successor to H.264 technology—uses new compression techniques to enable delivery of high definition video content that requires only half the bandwidth of H.264.

“For over 15 years, CyberLink has pioneered development of video codecs, and as one of the first Independent Software Vendors to adopt the recently approved HEVC standard, we are excited about the enhanced digital experience it will bring to our customers,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Our early investment and development strategy reflects our belief that this is the right technology to take mobile and HD media to the next level.”

CyberLink’s new codec offers optimized decoding and encoding of H.265 format video. Benefits include faster and smoother downloading and streaming of better quality video content to PCs and mobile devices, and also more economic storage and burning of high definition video.

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CyberLink Corp., a provider of innovative media creation solutions, today announced that its flagship products, PowerDVD and PowerDirector, support 4th generation Intel Core processors. Combining better-than-original-quality media experiences with industry-leading speed, CyberLink PowerDVD and PowerDirector offer consumers the superior multimedia solutions to CREATE & PLAY wherever they go. The latest CyberLink products are now showcasing at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, Suite 1148, during Computex 2013.

"It's been our pleasure collaborating with Intel for all these years, combining the world's leading processor technologies with the industry-leading multimedia software to provide the advanced user experience to the world," said Alice Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "4th generation Intel Core processors proves to make massive performance boost, and we aim to fully utilize this processor, delivering professional-quality multimedia experience with superior efficiency."

"We are excited to see software developers such as CyberLink introduce new multimedia software solutions that utilize the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors in providing a high level of video editing and enjoyment experience," said Christos Georgiopoulos, vice president of Intel’s Software and Services Group and general manager for Developer Relations Division.

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CyberLink Corp., a provider of innovative media creation solutions, today announced that it will showcase a complete series of multimedia solutions at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, Suite 1148, from June 4-8 during Computex 2013. From digital media creation to digital media playback, CyberLink provides consumers with a comprehensive and dynamic set of desktop and mobile tools to CREATE & PLAY wherever they go.

With the evolution of multimedia-enabled smart phones and tablets as everyday solutions for business and personal life, it is imperative that the mobile multimedia experience mirrors that of the desktop. CyberLink has created a digital ecosystem to ensure this advanced multimedia experience enables users to stream, create, edit, and play high-quality digital content across platforms and between mobile devices.

“CyberLink is committed to providing consumers with an integrated solution to enjoy all kinds of multimedia on any device, at any time and any place,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “With digital content increasingly serving as a tool of self expression, a demand for multimedia creativity solutions has developed. CyberLink has leveraged its expertise in multimedia playback to design intuitive and high-performance digital editing software for consumers to create and enjoy a complete media experience in advanced, superior quality.”

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WD, a Western Digital company, and a world leader in storage solutions for the connected life, today unveiled WD SmartWare Pro, an easy-to-use software tool that gives customers the power to back up their files to any USB external hard drive or the cloud using their personal Dropbox. Additionally, in the event that a file is deleted, lost, or a previous version of a file is needed, WD SmartWare Pro makes it easy to quickly restore and retrieve backed-up data.     

WD SmartWare Pro is simple to set up with an intuitive installation interface that lets customers get up and running in just a few simple clicks. Once the software is setup and the drives are connected, WD SmartWare Pro visually presents customers' files and folders in a control center where they can manage multiple external hard drives and their Dropbox account. WD SmartWare Pro is compatible with WD products such as My Passport® and WD Elements™ portable hard drives, as well as external USB drives from other manufacturers. Additionally, WD SmartWare Pro works seamlessly with WD network attached storage drives such as My Book® Live™.

The software has two easy-to-use backup settings, allowing customers to set up their preferred file backup process. The “continuous backup” setting sets up an automatic, continuous backup that works quietly in the background so that whenever a customer adds or changes a file it is instantly backed up on the external drive. The “scheduled backup” setting allows customers to set up a regular pre-programmed backup schedule, including an hourly, daily or monthly setting for easy backup to their external drive or Dropbox. With WD SmartWare Pro customers can also back up files located in their Dropbox to an external hard drive.

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