Model: PioData iXflash Flash Drive
Manufacturer: PioData
Provided By: VinPower Digital

PioData is no stranger to the data storage industry. Established in 2002, the company got its start as a distributor of optical drives and recordable media. PioData expanded its product lineup to include duplicators, LCD monitors and digital cameras before becoming a casualty of the highly competitive optical storage market. PioData's story does not end there though. A few years ago, Vinpower Digital re-launched the brand to fill a void left by a top Japanese manufacturer when it decided to exit the optical disc drive market. In addition to optical drives and blank media, PioData currently offers a growing number of flash based storage solutions.

One of the latest additions to PioData's product lineup is the iXflash. Developed as the ideal pairing for your iPhone or iPad, this flash drive is equipped with both USB 3.0 and Lightning connectors. With these two connectors, the iXflash can be used to transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, or any computer with a USB port. PioData also offers a free mobile iOS app that allows you to take pictures and videos without using your device's internal memory and free up space by backing up your photos and videos to the drive. In addition, the app lets you use the iXflash as a portable media library and play back file formats that aren't normally supported by Apple.

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