sony logoSony Corporation of America (SCA) today announced that it has acquired Optical Archive Inc. (OAI), a company that specializes in optical storage systems for the data center market.  The acquisition is made by SCA on behalf of Sony Corporation.

With Sony, OAI will leverage its experience and capabilities in data center hardware design, supply chain operations and systems integration with Sony's expertise in optical disc and manufacturing technology to develop new optical disc library systems that will meet the technological demands from the growing cold archive market.

The term "cold archive" refers to a class of data that must be retained over a long period of time but isn't accessed frequently, such as cloud-based photo storage and data retained for legal or regulatory reasons. Cold archive is the largest and fastest growing portion of the data center storage market.

"This acquisition marks the beginning of our commitment to this growing market," said Terushi Shimizu, Senior Vice President and Deputy President, Device Solutions Business Group, Sony Corporation.  "Optical disc libraries will provide many advantages to customers who are currently using tape or hard drive technology to store cold data, such as lower costs, extremely durable media life, and higher data throughput rates. We plan to leverage and expand our existing optical disc production lines in order to accommodate the growing demand for this media."

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The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) today announced completion of the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification and released the new logo that will delineate Ultra HD Blu-ray products. The Ultra HD Blu-ray specification, which represents the work of global leaders from the consumer electronics, IT and content creation industries, will enable delivery of Ultra HD content via Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc to the rapidly growing number of UHD TV households.

blu-ray ultra hd logo

“For years, Blu-ray Disc has set the standard for high definition picture and audio quality in the home. Ultra HD Blu-ray will do the same for UHD home entertainment," said Victor Matsuda, chair, BDA Promotions Committee. “The technical capabilities of Blu-ray Disc, in particular its significant storage capacity and high data transfer rates, will enable the delivery of an unparalleled, consistent and repeatable UHD experience."

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Pioneer Japan sent out a press today, announcing its new portable, slot-loading Blu-ray Disc writer, the BDR-XS06JL. Designed for use with both Macs and Windows PCs, this USB 3.0 equipped drive is capable of 6x BD-R, 6x BD-R DL, 6x BD-R LTH, 2x BD-RE and 2x BD-RE DL writing speeds and a maximum BD-ROM read speed of 6x. The BDR-XS06JL also writes to triple- (100GB) and quad-layer (128GB) BD-R media at 4x and triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE media at 2x.

pioneer bdr-xs06jl

The BDR-XS06JL includes features like Pioneer's PureRead2+ technology, noise reducing firmware and an "intelligent eco mode" that automatically cuts unnecessary power. The drive is also compatible with the company's APS-WF01J wireless dock, which lets it be used with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. The BDR-XS06JL is expected to hit stores later this month for about 14,000 Yen ($118US).

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With reports of cyber warfare, new NSA scandals or massive data thefts (i.e. Sony) increasing by the day, businesses worldwide seem helpless and ask the most critical question in 2015: How can we protect our most critical business information and data archives when even the most secure cloud services or server farms can’t?

Germany-based Nero AG faced this challenge and advises corporations to store their most sensitive data on optical media, preventing any online access and therefore drastically reducing the risk of exposure. As a leader in creation of physical media with Nero’s world-famous application Nero Burning ROM and its built-in SecurDisc 3.0 technology, Nero has the right solution for companies seeking to physically protect their data. And with the new Volume Licensing model available for core Nero products, businesses have an easier-than-ever way to roll out this data protection technique corporate-wide.

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roxio secure burn enterpriseRoxio introduces Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise, a complete data burning solution that enables corporate, institutional and government customers to monitor, control and protect confidential information saved to storage discs and devices. Powerful administrative tools help IT departments establish and enforce security protocols across the organization. FIPS 140-2 compliance allows organizations to meet government requirements for securing data. Drag and drop tools make it easy for employees to burn to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Discs as well as memory cards and USB drives.

"With confidential information being saved on discs and USB drives every day, something as simple as losing an unsecured DVD can turn into a disaster no business can afford. Organizations need an easy-to-use way to protect themselves from the legal risk, lost business and high cost of a data breach," said Michel Yavercovski, Director of Product Management at Roxio. "Inexpensive and simple to implement, Secure Burn Enterprise protects your data and reputation."

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DIGISTOR, a trusted provider of solid state drives, optical drives, and Blu-ray recordable media, has announced the release of their Professional Grade Blu-ray recordable media. A new standard for professional-use, these next-generation optical discs are designed to meet increased demand for archival capabilities from soaring data volumes across multiple industries.

digistor professional grade bdr

The new DIGISTOR Professional Grade Blu-ray discs, which are now made in Japan, feature phase-change technology and an upgraded hard coating. These enhancements allow a Professional Grade Blu-ray disc to withstand greater changes in temperature and humidity when stored long term. Additionally, the hard coating creates a layer of protection against dust and water, and increases the overall durability of the disc.

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Addonics Technologies today announced the Sapphire Combo Blu-ray/HDD and Sapphire Combo DVD-RRW/HDD. These two new products will let users combine optical and hard drive storage into one small package.

addonics sapphire combo bd hdd

The product is perfect for anyone needing to add optical storage capability or external storage to their computing devices via a single eSATA or USB 3.0 connection.

The Blu-ray model, which is equipped with a Blu-ray player/DVD burner adds Blu-ray movie playback capability to desktop, notebook and other computing products. The DVD model is equipped with a DVD burner. Both models will allow you to play movies or access data stored on all popular optical media and allow you to burn video or data onto DVD or CD discs.

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millenniata logoMillenniata and MKM/Verbatim announce the first 100GB Blu-ray optical discs which will enable consumers, SMBs and enterprises to utilize large-scale optical storage to capitalize on the greater than 1,000 year archival storage life that M-DISC technology provides! The 100GB M-DISC Blu-ray media will be available for shipment globally through the Verbatim and Millenniata Channels by the end of February 2015.

MKM/Verbatim is world renowned for pushing the boundaries of optical disc technology and delivering high quality products. This latest Blu-ray media is being manufactured at the Mizushima factory in Japan and has undergone rigorous and extensive tests to ensure both performance and compliance. Manufactured in accordance to and conforming to the standard BDXL specification, the 100 GB M-DISC media will work in any BDXL capable Blu-ray drive.

The 100GB BD M-DISC has been tested by MKM, Millenniata and 3rd parties according to the internationally-accepted lifetime testing standard ISO/IEC 16963 2nd ed. The outcome is a remarkable average lifetime of significantly more than 2,000 years with no more than 1 failure per 100,000 discs expected, after more than 1,000 years at 25C (77F) and 50% relative humidity. In other words, data can be reliably stored for centuries on the 100 GB BD M-DISC in a typical home or office closet.

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Pioneer Japan sent out a press release today, announcing yet another new 16x Blu-ray Disc writer, the BDR-S09J-X. Like the original BDR-S09J, this Windows 8.1 compatible drive is is capable of 16x BD-R, 14x BD-R DL, 8x BD-R LTH, 2x BD-RE and 2x BD-RE DL writing speeds and a maximum BD-ROM read speed of 12x. The BDR-S09J-X also writes to triple-layer (100GB) BD-R media at 8x, quad-layer (128GB) BD-R media at 6x and triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE media at 2x.

pioneer bdr-s09j-x

What makes the BDR-S09J-X unique is its ability to check and display the playback quality of an audio CD (CD-DA) and, in the case of a low quality level, recommend the settings for optimal playback. In the case of a read error caused by dirt or a scratch, the drive uses Pioneer's PureRead3+ technology to reread these sections of a disc. Last, but not least, the BDR-S09J-X features a new technology called RealTime PureRead which reduces the occurrance of data interpolation in real time so that a CD can be played with the original sound quality.

The BDR-S09J-X ships with authoring and playback software from CyberLink and is expected to cost about 33,000 Yen ($276US) when it hits stores in late January.

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DIGISTOR, a trusted provider of solid state drives, optical drives, and Blu-ray recordable media, has announced the release of their 4th generation external optical drive now with USB 3.0 connectivity. Designed to deliver tireless performance and reliability, DIGISTOR’s newest addition to their range of optical drives promises to be the most compatible external DVD and Blu-ray drives on the market.

digitstor usb3 slot bd writer

The newly released external optical drives are self-powered with a single USB cable, offering energy efficiency and a simple setup. Thanks to the unique power efficient USB design the DIGISTOR drives are built to take advantage of the fast USB 3.0 bus as well as be fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0 connections making it the industry’s most compatible Blu-ray and DVD drive. The drive supports both USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 applications while still offering a single cable solution, no wall adapter needed.

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