Iomega, an EMC company and a global leader in data protection, today announced the completion of its new Mac-oriented hard drive line with the launch of the new Iomega® eGo™ Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive, an on-the-go stylish drive with plenty of storage that can withstand drops and still travel easily in a pocketbook or briefcase.


Combined with the recent launches of the Iomega® Helium Portable Hard Drive and the Iomega® Mac Companion Hard Drive, Iomega now has a complete new line of portable and desktop hard drives for Mac users. All three new drives are formatted HFS+ for compatibility with Mac computers right out of the box, making them perfect complements to today's Apple notebooks and desktops.

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In addition to their well-known "QuickPort" docking stations, which provide computer connection to unobstructed SATA hard drives, the Sharkoon "QuickDeck" has long been a table adapter in their product line in which data mediums are not standing upright, but rather inserted laying down. The Sharkoon QuickDeck is also immediately available in a "Pro" edition, with a USB 3.0 port and stacking feet.


The Sharkoon QuickDeck offers room for SATA hard drives in both 2.5 and 3.5 in formats. The drives are simply inserted horizontally into the front and open top plastic frame. A rail fixed to the floor folds up for smaller 2.5 inch hard drives. The hard drive can be easily detached from the QuickDeck with the help of an ejection lever attached with the SATA port. External connection occurs over the fast USB 3.0 port.

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Seagate is streamlining its flagship family of desktop drives under a single product that hones in on performance and big capacities to help satisfy the explosive growth in content creation and consumption by businesses and consumers worldwide. The new Barracuda® family makes it easier for consumers to find the product they need and reduces costs for Seagate’s original equipment manufacturer and distribution channel customers by reducing the number of product qualifications and amount of inventory they need to manage.

“A simpler desktop drive product family is exactly what Seagate customers are asking for,” said Scott Horn, vice president of Marketing at Seagate. “The new Barracuda® family reflects the reality that end-users want a full range of hard drive capacities and as much performance as we can give them to help manage and store massive amounts of digital content. In addition, our OEM and channel customers want to reduce overhead costs by having fewer product lines to qualify and manage in their inventory.”

Desktop PC performance is growing in importance as computer users consume and otherwise use more and more multimedia – a blend of text, audio, images, animation and video – and other rich-content files in areas as diverse as business, advertising, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics and science. Higher hard drive performance often means a faster computer and quicker access to this content.

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addonics_raid_tower_xiii.jpgAddonics Technologies today announced the RAID Tower XIII, which features thirteen 5.25 inch drive bays in a sturdy and stylish sheet metal chassis that can hold up to twenty 3.5 inch hard drives.

The RAID Tower XIII is built on a sturdy steel chassis with a stylish acrylic front bezel. Each unit comes integrated with a 500 watts power supply and two 120 x 120 mm low noise high CFM cooling fans for efficient ventilation.

Each set of five drives can be configured as a RAID group. You can connect 20 drives to your system via four eSATA cables, four USB 3.0 cables or a single mini SAS cable. For the USB connection, each RAID group can be shared on an LAN by attaching to an optional Addonics NAS adapter.

Addonics' family of RAID Towers is a perfect solution for adding external RAID storage or a large number of hard drives without RAID to any system. The RAID Tower XIII is ideal for a wide range of applications that demand large storage volume, such as video storage, data backup, server storage or cloud storage.

There are five different models. Each model comes with everything needed for connecting to the computer. Simply add your own hard drives and configure the RAID via either the onboard dip switches or the included Windows software utility and your storage tower is ready to do the work.

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pqi_h552v_usb3_portable_hard_drive.jpgPower Quotient International (PQI) has just released its all-new H552V USB 3.0 2.5” portable hard drive! The drive features sharp and refined curves that create a stylish sports car-like appearance, a dual curved back case that lends it a stunning beauty, and a precision engraving polishing technique and ornate buffing that manifests a high quality combination glossy/matte black finish. The device’s smooth surface texture, which is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to the touch, subtly exudes a reserved sense of extravagance. The PQI H552V boasts stylish race car-like curves and also features a USB 3.0 transfer interface crafted like a hawk-eyed double headlight. The bright LED light at the center of the headlights clearly displays transfer status to help avoid interrupting data transfers—and thereby losing one’s important data—as a result of accidentally removing the device at the wrong time.

In addition to its remarkable appearance, PQI’s H552V provides 3 different capacities to choose from: 500G, 750G, and 1TB. The back of the device features 4 specially-designed grip pads to effectively prevent sliding, reduce noise while the drive is in use, and avoid undesirable scratching. As users increasingly demand higher quality multimedia, the highly anticipated introduction of the USB 3.0 interface not only provides a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps/sec—which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 (480Mbps/sec) and is a great time saver for data transfers—but is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 as well. Its stable current helps prevents data loss and makes it consume less power consumption and be more eco-friendly. Because PQI pays attention to the needs of consumers, the H552V comes with exclusive software for data security protection and large file transfers. It also has a special TurboHDD USB acceleration device which offers data transfer rates up to 53% faster than average external USB hard drives, which greatly reduces waiting times during large file transfers. In addition, Ur Fortress data encryption software utilizes AES256 encryption technology to provide high-level data security for users, including data protection for classified files and guaranteed privacy for personal photos so that users can back up data and manage file encryption more efficiently. Users may also visit the PQI global website and download the Ur-Smart Mobile Office Software to bolster mobile management of personal documents and achieve higher efficiency. PQI continues to work towards advancements in technology in order to a build a better and more convenient life for all.

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