Today LaCie announced a new 8TB model of the LaCie 4big Quadra and three new product combinations for professionals who expect fast, large and reliable storage solutions to enhance their workflow. Leveraging the quality and reputation of the award-winning LaCie 4big Quadra—which is recognized for its high capacity, speeds, data protection, and design–LaCie premieres the 4big Quadra Bundle, which boasts huge capacities up to 32TB and fast transfer speeds up to 700MB/s. LaCie also announced today a new 8TB model of the 4big Quadra, an integral part of the 32TB LaCie 4big Quadra Bundle.

lacie 4big quadra bundle.jpg

LaCie 4big Quadra is the most complete 4-bay RAID solution featuring four hot-swappable disks and seven RAID modes including RAID0 and RAID5. By stripping two or more 4big Quadra and connecting them via eSATA – using the LaCie eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s – 4Ports – professionals now have access to the most powerful RAID configuration* on the market today. The LaCie 4big Quadra Bundle gives users a choice of combining two 4big Quadra for up to 8TB and 400MB/s transfer speeds, or four 4big Quadra for up to 32TB and 700 MB/s transfer speeds.

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Other World Computing (OWC®), a leading PC and Mac technology company, announced today the new Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience in a Plug and Play desktop hardware RAID storage solution. Featuring a “Quad Interface” of FireWire® 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, and eSATA ports; 4 Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive bays; and 4 user selectable hardware RAID settings, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 offers up to 8TB of total storage capacity and data transfer speeds up to 300MB/s for the ultimate professional grade RAID storage solution.

owc mercury elite-al pro qx2.jpg

Built for performance-intensive applications, such as A/V, HD-video, digital photography, professional music, graphics, and redundant backup, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 is beautifully designed for both Mac and PC with a shock resistant, heat dissipating aircraft-grade brushed aluminum housing preconfigured with up to 8TB of storage capacity. Its front panel LEDs gives quick, at-a-glance system status, while the removable key lock ensures the installed hard drives remain secure. 

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Today LaCie announced the Rugged XL, a super-sized expansion to LaCie’s award-winning line of Rugged hard drives. Showcasing more than just its extra-large exterior, the Rugged XL doubles capacity to 1TB, and will surely amplify the style of any creative desktop.

lacie rugged xl.jpg

Rugged XL leverages the design and durability of the popular Rugged drive, offering aluminum casing for superior protection on your desktop, as well as the signature orange rubber sleeve. Taking advantage of the Rugged’s reputation for resilience, the Rugged XL also features an internal bumper and heat dissipating features, making the LaCie Rugged XL able to withstand the challenges and blunders that can occur on anyone’s desk.

Suited for speed-intensive applications or for large-scale backups, the Rugged XL is versatile and compatible with both Mac and PC environments. In addition, it supports two key interfaces: Hi-Speed USB for universal compatibility, and the extreme speed of eSATA 3Gb/s. The new drive also includes a complete software bundle for easy formatting with LaCie Setup Assistant, as well as Genie Backup Assistant software for Windows users and Intego Backup Assistant software for Mac users.

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CalDigit is excited to introduce the CalDigit VR mini, an innovative, compact and bus powered two drive RAID system, supporting a quadruple interface for easy connectivity. The CalDigit VR mini's modular design provides two removable drive modules and an easy to read frontside LCD. With support for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD the CalDigit VR mini can reach speeds fast enough for high definition video editing. It includes easy to use software allowing for firmware updates, configuration, monitoring and even supports email notification. The CalDigit VR mini packs a ton of performance into a small package, making it a truly portable storage solution that can fit in the palm of your hand.

“The increasing demand for mobile editing has inspired us to create a product thatʼs not only incredibly small, but powerful. Itʼs hard to imagine what the CalDigit VR mini is capable of when you pick it up. The speed that this small RAID can provide is truly impressive.” Jared Picune VP of sales and marketing for CalDigit.

The CalDigit VR mini is bus powered via FireWire, so no extra power supply is needed. When additional speed is needed use eSATA for data and FireWire for power. The CalDigit VR mini is smart enough to know which port to use, so you never need an additional power supply.

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Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST), today announced that it has completed the acquisition of privately held Fabrik, Inc. Fabrik’s business will form the core of Hitachi GST's new Branded Business division. Fabrik’s leading storage brands include G-Technology™, offering premium external storage solutions for the Apple® Mac®, content creation and professional audio/video markets; and SimpleTech™, an innovative leader in PC-based external storage and backup solutions.

Mike Cordano, Fabrik CEO and co-founder, joins Hitachi GST as executive vice president of Sales and Marketing and president, Branded Business. He will lead the Hitachi GST external storage business, as well as the company's worldwide sales and marketing organizations. Mr. Cordano is a 20-year data storage industry veteran and previously served as executive vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Maxtor Corporation.

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 Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched EX-10 (1xHDD), EX-20 (2x HDD’s), EX-30 (3xHDD’s) and EX-50 (5xHDD’s) external HDD rack to support your storage needs in an all aluminum frame and housing. The HDD rack has a front loading door, with individual handles on a bracket for each HDD, as well as a back panel PCB with a RAID controller from Silicon Image. The Sil5744 chipset offers hot plug and play capability with many of the RAID settings required today.

lian-li ex-20.png

The SATA HDD configuration is in a Hot Swap Plug & Play backplate with an integrated RAID controller chip. To keep the device cool there is an appropriately sized fan for your unit with a washable nylon filter keeping dust and debris out.

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WD® (NYSE: WDC), the world's leader in external storage solutions, today expanded its My Book® family of external hard drives to include a 2 TB capacity, the largest available capacity in a single-drive system. With its wide variety of models, WD offers a solution for every type of user, whether they're a creative power user on a Mac® or a home user on a PC. The new 2 TB My Book family includes: My Book Studio Edition™, My Book Mac Edition, My Book Home Edition™ and My Book Essential Edition™ models. 

wd my book family.png

Market research shows that consumer creation and acquisition of digital media is growing rapidly, driving demand for increasing storage capacities. According to market research firm IDC, the number of digital cameras and camera phones in the world surpassed 1 billion (Mar. 2008). Separately, market research firm GfK reports that HD (high definition) video camcorders are experiencing record growth and now account for 42 percent of total camcorder sales (Aug. 2008). HD video requires massive amounts of drive space: at least 8 GB per hour of video. Since 2006, when Apple® began offering movie downloads, the Apple store has already sold more than 250 million TV episodes and sold or rented more than 33 million movies (Apple, Mar. 2009). 

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Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) today introduced its second-generation small form factor enterprise hard drive, the 10K RPM Ultrastar™ C10K300. The new Hitachi drive is optimized for the power and performance requirements of rack-mounted servers and networked storage arrays. Built using proven Hitachi power management technology, the Ultrastar C10K300 delivers the low power specifications that are of primary importance in today’s data centers. The new drives are offered in 147GB and 300GB capacities and ship with a dual-port 6Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface, which delivers 100 percent faster data throughput than its 3Gb/s predecessor. The new industry-standard SAS interface also improves signal strength over greater physical distances, allowing IT managers to deploy larger, more complex storage infrastructures.

hitachi ultrastar c10k300.png

The Ultrastar C10K300 is designed to provide higher server/storage density through compact 2.5-inch design, a low-power profile and improved thermal characteristics. The small form factor drive occupies 70 percent less physical space and consumes up to 65 percent less power than similar 3.5-inch enterprise drives.

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Freecom, an award-winning manufacturer of external hard drives and portable storage devices, launched the 'ToughDrive Sport', a durable, shock-resistant, 2.5" external hard drive designed to endure even the toughest conditions. This latest addition to the ToughDrive family is perfect for heavy duty users that want to carry their data on the move, from backpacking around the world to cycling up mountains.

freecom toughdrive sport .png

The ToughDrive Sport features a handy loop in one corner enabling easy attachment to bags or belts - allowing people to carry their data hands-free. The drive can also withstand falls of up to two metres and is fully protected against adverse weather conditions associated with outdoor pursuits.

The ToughDrive Sport has an outdoor sports design and an integrated USB cable designed to look and feel like a climbing rope - this makes the drive extremely portable as no external power adapter is required for charging. Ideal for mobile use given its size and robustness, the internal anti-shock mechanism insulates the hard drive against unforeseen shocks that could cause damage and result in the loss of masses of data.

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Apricorn, ( the leader in personal storage, announced today the 240GB capacity enhancement for the Aegis Mini, making it the largest capacity 1.8” external drive available on the market. Small enough to slip in a shirt pocket, Aegis Mini is an ultra-portable 1.8-inch external drive with USB 2.0 or FireWire connection. With added capacity, users can now hold up to 60,000 songs, 50,000 photos or 300 hours of video, a 50 percent increase in capacity from its 160GB predecessor.

apricorn ultra-portable pocket drive.png

Smaller than a deck of cards and weighing in at a mere 3.7oz, Apricorn’s tiny portable drive offers simplicity and convenience. Its compact design centers around a 16-point omni-directional shock-mounted 1.8” hard drive, protecting the drive from the rigors of travel. With extremely low power demands the Aegis Mini is able to power on a single USB connection, helping to conserve notebook battery life and ensuring that the drive powers on all notebooks, including newer more power efficient models.

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